Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Some more things the iPhone is missing

To continue my topic from yesterday about things that need improving for the iPhone, here are a few more missing features:

No Video
If it has a digital camera, why doesn't it have a video recorder? The most recent cell phones I've seen all have a video recorder application. It would seem ideal suited with 16GB of memory. I know it's only a 2 megapixel camera, but it's something. I can't even find anything in the App store that does this yet. If anyone knows of one, please let me know.

Lackluster Built-in Song Management
On the original iPod you couldn't manage playlists on the iPod itself. You had to do it on your computer and sync up. Of course, you only had the wheel interface on the iPod so it would have been difficult to begin with. The iPhone has a full keyboard so it was definitely time we were allowed to create and manage playlists directly on the iPhone rather than having to sync it up. However, it seems you can only create and manage one "On-The-Go" Playlist before you need to sync up. You can't modify any existing playlists. A few more basic features from the king of portable music would be nice.

No File Management and No Non-Email Viewers
One of the features that Palm had was file management. This isn't a big deal unless you like to be able to store documents on your iPhone and read them without having to send them to yourself in an email. Palm let you download Adobe Reader. Why not have the same on the iPhone?

No Expansion Slots
Being able to copy a picture via an SD card was a handy feature on the Palm. Plus a card slot would allow expansion of the iPhone without having to buy a brand new one....oops, sorry, I forgot that's how Apple makes money. Well no wonder Apple didn't want an expansion slot.

No Bluetooth Syncing
Of course, nobody wants to do a full iPhone backup over Bluetooth, but having a lite version of the sync would be nice so that you don't always have to play around with the cable.

No User Replaceable Battery
You'd think Apple would have taken the hint by now. If the entire iPhone/iPod is still good, except for the battery, let us change out the battery! You can do this with any cell phone and some PDAs. Of course this would mean Apple couldn't snoop through the data of all the hapless users that just hand over their dead iPhones to have the battery replaced. I'm sure Apple wouldn't do this, but I would want to be sure by wiping the memory in some way and restore it when I got it back.

Poor Syncing Support
Great, I can sync my bookmarks with Internet Explorer...Only problem is I gave up Internet Explorer years ago for Firefox. Nice, I can sync my contacts and calendar with Microsoft Outlook...Except I only use Thunderbird. Is this an example of Apple's poor support for Open Source? I'd say so.

For all of Apple's bluster that says they are protecting us from bad applications by only having applications from App store, things still crash. Every once in a while, applications that ran just fine will start crashing. The solution? Reboot. is this different from Microsoft Windows?

I'm going to close off this topic... for now. Even though there are issues with the iPhone, I still bought one because it has a lot of the features I was looking to have. As ever, I'm still hopeful that Apple will fix these things and make themselves worthy of the fame they have.

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