Thursday, December 20, 2012

FireEye Update: A class act

Companies live and die by the customer base.  Too many times I've seen a company with a great product but poor customer support, and eventually the product will just fade away.  (See yesterday's post on HP TippingPoint for an example of a downward spiral).  Those companies that flourish are the ones with a good product and back it up with great customer service.

FireEye is one such company that has a good product and great customer service.  After some recent hardware issues with the product,  FireEye took no chances with the network stability.  They sent us a brand new unit to replace the failed unit.  When they realized they didn't have our exact model in stock current,apparently because it's so popular, they went above-and-beyond by offering a better replacement unit that was a slight upgrade (redundant hard drive unit).  This ensured we were up and running as fast as possible.

The support team was in contact with me daily, if not more, to ensure that every was under control and proceeding as we needed.  The replacement device was delivered quickly, and FireEye offered to answer any questions I might have and provide any documentation I might be missing.  Because we couldn't simply swap out the hard drive of our old unit into the replacement unit, due to the upgrade, they offered their services to assist with the migration.

The helpful service didn't just stop at their support team.  The account rep and reseller both got involved to help sooth management's worries about their investment in the product.  While some techies may not see this as necessary, there is no doubt that Layer 8 (The political layer) is alive and well in the network, and we are ultimately answerable to management.  So I appreciate the account rep stepping up and answering all the tough questions.

FireEye is a perfect example of a company that will do well.  Their product fills an important roll in the security landscape, catching malware threats that other appliances don't catch.  Rather than just coasting on a great product, they listen to their customers about their needs, because in the end you can't sell a product if nobody wants it.  I have every confidence that the new unit will be back inline and blocking malware (after the Christmas freeze).  For now, it's just been switched over to tap mode, which pretty much gives us the same protection.

Thank you FireEye!

P.S. Just in case anyone was wondering, FireEye's great response was not influenced by my earlier post.  They jumped on this without any prompting from me.  Another good sign!

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